A valuable established spring water source from a 51-meter borehole into carboniferous sandstone, volcanic in origin. The good wholesome water has excellent test results and provenance, The ambiance of a historical site, scenic setting exuding peace, beauty, and tranquillity. Housed in an insulated timber cabin within a security fenced compound. The water has been blessed by the Reverent Lionel Fanthorp as a Church of Wales Clergyman and in his capacity too as the most Reverend Primate Archbishop of the Interdenominational Templar Church, this associates in some people’s minds the link to the Da-Vinci Code and all the mystery of the Knights Templar. Due to the blessing and the historical locality, we could call it Holywell Water or Downing Water Holywell.

Fresh Water is a finite natural resource growing scarce through climate change and the ever increasing huge demands on water.

On this site water has many potential and diverse uses:

  • Drinking water and Domestic uses, we think it tastes good.
  • Could also be used to harvest underground heat, slashing the cost of installing a ground source heating supply for homes or business. A green credential.
  • Bottled drinking water. From the borehole we are allowed to abstract 20,000 litres of water a day. The borehole is capable of a higher yield in excess of 47.3 million litres per year.
  • A spa.
  • Whiskey and or wine making.
  • Mineral Water Potential, in a commercially viable quantity, for bottling, water coolers or tanking out.

The borehole is 51 metres deep, 165mm diameter into Carboniferous Sandstone Volcanic in origin.

News, Interesting Information & Ideas:

  • In the last 2 decades people in many areas were asked to boil their tap water because it was contaminated with micro-organism Cryptosporidium.
  • During emergencies such as flooding, when tap becomes contaminated by raw sewage, bottled water was distributed to people in affected areas.
  • Quote from Dr Vernon Coleman: “Back in 1982, my fears were aroused by one piece of fairly obscure – and widely ignored research – which showed that sewage entering a sewage treatment plant in the USA contained excreted aspirin, caffeine and nicotine and another piece of equally widely ignored research which showed that a cholesterol lowering drug had turned up in a reservoir. The drug had, it seemed, got into the reservoir from treated sewage.” Dr Vernon Coleman asks: “How are the drugs in your drinking water affecting your health? Is your involuntary daily cocktail of tranquillisers, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, chemotherapy drugs, heart drugs, painkillers and so on making you ill? How do all these drugs interact? Are they likely to be at least partly responsible for the way the incidence of cancer is increasing?”
  • Unlike some bottled water from abroad; which is environmentally bad due to travelling thousands of miles. Our water source is in Wales and not imported from across the sea, it is good we can tick that box.
  • There has been criticism by some of the media regarding bottled water, I believe this is misconstrued, surely it is better for teenagers to drink bottled water in preference to excess alcohol and sugar sweetened drinks?
  • Caution: Table Water is often bottled TAP Water and that is why it is so cheap; it is not the same as Spring Water or Mineral Water.
  • For the Discerning: exclusive Special Water from your very own private source, bottled with your own brand name on it, especially water from such a historical site as Downing, with all the associated “History & Mystery”.
  • It is down to personal taste, but a lot of people prefer the taste of bottled spring water and enjoy drinking it. The individual taste of bottled spring water is due to the mineral content that varies from different springs and lack of additives.
  • In London, many top restaurants & hotels have their own “Water List” of top waters similar to a “wine list”.
  • During the last serious droughts, companies could not keep up with the demand for bottled spring water.